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What does Kurt Cobain have to do with your application and endpoint strategy?

With the many conversations Com-X are helping to support the breakdown from the noise and disruption for EUC/VDI customers in the market we wanted to provide a different way of considering the real value in your Vendor application delivery strategy by reframing the narrative in a constructive way and evangelise why we at Com-X are seeing  that Igel really offers an exciting and different approach that is bringing value to organisations globally, and we want to shout about it more!

Our GM of Sales and Marketing, Nick Cross, is joined by Brian Riegels-Morgan – EUC Consultant and Igel Technical Specialist, at Insentra in looking at how they reframe the narrative being heard from license and price changes and focusing conversations on:

  • the inherent value within existing VDI investments (that customers may have forgotten)
  • alleviate whole of IT budget pressures
  • how to extend the lifecycle of existing endpoints
  • the looming Windows 10 EOL date
  • how to increase the security posture from an application delivery and end point strategy

It sounds like a nirvana scenario if they can really help with all these elements, right?

Com-X is Australia’s leading EUC and Digital Workspaces Specialist, with Partnerships spanning Citrix, Parallels, Nerdio, Microsoft AVD, 2 Steps and Igel. Both Com-X and Insentra have the pleasure to have been invited to, what is being dubbed the Ultimate EUC Event, the Igel Disrupt conference in Miami at the end of April. We will be joined by Industry Experts, EUC visionaries and enthusiasts from across the World.

Please enjoy the video overview and demonstration from Nick and Brian, and if you’re interested in exploring more how Com-X can assist with exploring Igel technologies for your organisation or if you’re tired of trying to distil the endless list of Vendor products and just want a comprehensive feasibility analysis for your organisation’s EUC needs, then contact our non-pushy Sales Team today!

We can provide a comprehensive assessment of your current application delivery and endpoint strategy, ensuring an impartial evaluation devoid of vendor biases. Our evaluation covers all relevant technologies, emphasising both technological capabilities and alignment with your business strategy.

The outcome is a well-documented Executive Analysis summary and tailored recommendations that address your organisation’s present and future strategic needs. Additionally, we can offer a separate engagement to deploy a Proof of Value for selected solutions, benchmarking them against predefined success criteria. This empowers your key stakeholders to confidently make informed decisions about the most suitable end-user computing solution for your requirements, both now and in the future.

Posted by Nick Cross – Com-X Director – Sales and Marketing – 30th April 2024

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