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What does the new Microsoft and Citrix 8-year strategic commitment mean?

Microsoft and Citrix have just announced an enhanced 8-year commitment to benefit more than 100 million people.

But, what does it mean for you?

Microsoft and Cloud Software Group have made a joint announcement here and here on their respective websites.

Let’s first start by highlighting that an 8- year commitment between powerful stalwarts in the IT industry is both unusually long and a big statement to customers and rivals alike.  Microsoft and Citrix are both putting a rather large stake in the ground in their mutual confidence in each other’s ability to execute the best outcomes for customers today and well into the future.

Why is this important for Microsoft?

Cloud Software Group, Citrix parent has been making changes in their go to market model that very much supports their Enterprise customer’s globally to adopt the Citrix Cloud Services model and provide a powerful and comprehensive option to move their application and data workloads to the customer’s Public Cloud of choice, remain on-premises or a hybrid deployment. All while helping CIOs to consolidate their app delivery strategy to a single vendor stack and reduce complexity with a strong Zero Trust offering and all underpinned by an observability stack that has integrations into common platforms like Splunk and Service Now.

With the marquee names globally who utilise Citrix’s leading tools, striking a publicly positioned joint go to market message where Microsoft both acknowledge and endorse Citrix as the preferred Microsoft Global Azure Partner solution for Enterprise Desktop-as-a-Service when collaborating with joint Azure customers. This is both powerful and highlights the eagerness for Microsoft to support moving on-premises workloads to their Azure platform.

Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 received a noteworthy mention in the announcements and understanding the value Citrix technologies provide in “filling the gaps” in stand-alone Microsoft portfolio offerings mean any size organisation, not just the marquee Enterprise names, can achieve greater benefit from the joint solutions that are currently available and will have likely further innovations available in the future.

It’s of course not as easy as that for organisations to simply lift and shift. The joint announcement highlights their recognition to develop joint support towards customer success efforts, tailored solutions, expert guidance, and support to accelerate customers’ cloud journeys.

Why is this important for Citrix?

I have previously given my view of the recently announced changes Citrix/NetScaler have brought to the market regarding the simplification of their product offering and the value this can bring to end customers as it relates to enhanced capability, capacity and consolidation benefits to organisations.

Yes, there are several discussions we’re fortunate to be having as a number of existing Citrix customers here in Australia approach us because of our locally recognised leadership expertise in EUC and the Citrix stack. We’re helping to both explain, validate and assess the best fits moving forward so these customers understand the value they actually have available to them and the powerful ecosystem of complimentary vendors that reduce TCO for their application and end point strategies.

Microsoft co-pilot! A hot topic and the promise of the future possibilities could be immense. Having attended the AISA Cyber Conference in Canberra last month, I’m more aware of the evolvement of AI and in particular Agentive AI as a concern for many CISOs. Expanding the strategic partnership with Microsoft and Cloud Software Group (with all it’s Business Units) and making a US$1.65 billion commitment to the Microsoft Cloud and it’s generative AI capabilities means the traditional benefits of a Citrix delivered application, will offer extra AI capabilities with the support of Microsoft’s toolsets.

This will likely mean a strong focus on AI workflows and data driven outcomes from a consolidated and tightly integrated technology stack that has security embedded into the core of how users work whilst maximising their productivity, regardless of where the IT users are located or the device they choose to use; This is the same but very relevant message Citrix have so powerfully delivered for over 30 years.

For joint customers, working even closer with the Microsoft technology stack, and coupled with the Citrix team being greater recognised globally as valued Technology Strategists that truly deliver and amplify customer outcomes is why the “Better Together” mantra has never been more relevant for Enterprise customers.

With simplified license packaging from Citrix, greater integration of the Microsoft Technology stack and joint future innovations this is a relationship that Enterprise CIOs, CISOs and Digital Leaders should learn to lean back into and seek to engage in enhancing their knowledge and dispel any preconceptions of relevancy or legacy.

In summary

For many who share the view that Microsoft and Citrix have both been evolving, at different speeds in recent years, from the deeply unfair ‘legacy’ question marks on their relevancy within the Enterprise IT space, (where new competitors have come on the scene and amplified their unique relevancy message).

This greater than 30-year relationship between Microsoft and Citrix really does need another much closer look under the hood and for those decision makers to understand not only what the value of this “better together” mantra can mean for your organisation but what opportunity it presents at consolidation and simplification for a secure and comprehensive IT and Cyber Security Strategy.

We at Com-X are blessed to have wonderful relationships with the local Microsoft and Citrix team members and we value the impact we already provide customers together here in Australia.

If Com-X can be of any assistance with your Microsoft, Citrix or NetScaler Modern Workspace strategies and the options available to you to benefit from, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today . We don’t have pushy salespeople; our team is focused on listening and helping deliver the best tailored outcomes for your business for today and into the future.

Citrix Platinum Partner | Com-X

Posted by Nick Cross – Com-X Director – Sales and Marketing – 5th April 2024

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