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Secure Digital Workspace Solutions | Remote Desktop

Facing challenges with the Citrix and VMware changes? Are you unsure about how to review your Application Delivery strategy and what are the options in the market to review?

Com-X specialises in Citrix, Parallels, Nerdio, Microsoft AVD, and AWS Workspaces. Please CONTACT US TODAY to explore your options and try solutions. We promise a helpful, non-pushy approach.

If you run a business of any kind, you’ll know the importance of having a structured work environment that values employee communication, task management and organisation. Secure Digital Workspaces allow you to do all this and more with ease and efficiency.

Com-X offers Secure Digital Workspace Solutions to businesses. This takes the pressure off the business owner and IT Department, allowing more time, space and money to dedicate to running growing the business.

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At Com-X our customers have Digital Workspace tools with include the five key technology attributes needed for employees to be 100% productive before, during and after a crisis.

Citrix Consulting

We are experts in data security and digital workspaces and can work closely with you to come up with the best IT solution for your business.

Virtual Apps, Desktops and VDI Consulting

At Com-X, our VDI and Remote Desktop team are experts in virtual desktops and applications


What is a Secure Digital Workspace?

A Secure Digital Workspace is a system that allows anyone in an organisation to have access to all the information, programs and tools they need across any device, in any location. While programs used to be manually downloaded onto each individual device, often with limitations on how many times they could be installed, Digital Workspaces offer a much more flexible approach. Now, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with employees, manage workflows and organise files without compromising on user experience or productivity.

Our Digital Workspaces are also highly secure, keeping critical information inside a datacentre and reducing the risk of information loss.

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Work Flexibly with a Secure Digital Workspace

A Digital Workspace uses advanced technology to help make workplaces more productive and more flexible than ever before.

Working remotely has no compromises

With working from home becoming a popular choice for many businesses, it’s important to have systems in place to ensure all employees have access to the essential programs, tools and workflows. Digital workspaces take the complexity out of this process, allowing all employees to access everything they need and remain connected.

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Can we run this solution in the cloud?


Can we run this solution in our own datacenter on our own hardware?


Can we run this virtual application and desktops from a Mac?


We use graphically intensive applications.
Will this still work and look good?

Yes! This is a very common use-case and the results are very good.

Rich graphic experiences

Com-X’s Digital Workspaces are perfect for any business that uses graphically intensive programs. There is also no screen lag, which can be a common concern when using remote desktops.

Team ComX Secure Digital workplaces - Rich graphic experience
  • Compatible with any public Cloud (eg AWS) or privately hosted cloud (aka customer datacenter)
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Azure
  • Virtual Desktop and Application Delivery provided by Parallels RAS
  • Supports connections from virtually any device type (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS, Chromebook etc etc)
  • The solution is cheaper than primary competitors (VMWare and Citrix) and has a far simpler licencing model with less room for unexpected cost blowouts
  • Enables centralisation of IT data systems and management
  • Keeps data secured in the datacenter, avoiding the need to download onto unmanaged devices
  • Provides access to legacy applications that were not designed to run over the internet
  • Encrypted network transport of data.
  • Multi-factor authentication to secure logons
  • Secure file collaboration provided by Egnyte
  • Access the files you need from within your Virtual workspace from any device without the need to log into Desktop
  • Strong management and audit capabilities
  • Simple and intuitive user experience

How a Secure Digital Workspace benefits your business

Com-X’s Secure Digital Workspace Solutions offer a wide range of benefits for businesses, regardless of whether they’re based in an office or remotely. With a secured and properly managed Digital Workspace:

  • There’s increased flexibility when it comes to where your employees are based – whether it’s in the office, across multiple offices, or at home.
  • Your staff can feel supported in a structured and organised office environment, regardless of their location.
  • Your company has a secure, fully functioning and tested business continuity plan that is always available.
  • Productivity and task management are easier and more efficient.

To learn more about how to implement a Secure Digital Workspace in your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

Team ComX Secure Digital workspace benefits


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To learn more about how to implement a Secure Digital Workspace in your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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