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Digital Workspace

X-Digital Workspace | Secure Digital Workspaces

At Com-X our customers are making “Virtual” and “Remote” work just a part of a regular business day but on a much larger scale than ever before. With DaaS and Digital Workspace considerations increasing in relevance where security and user experience have to co-exist. 

That way, the technology systems that will be used to power their business continuity in times of crisis will be tested every day, by many staff as they work remotely and virtually on a much more frequent basis.

In turn this approach will increase confidence that their technology systems are capable from a functional and load perspective, and employees will be familiar with the systems and require no adjustment to their workflow in order to be 100% productive during a future incident response.

Technology Procurement | Com-X
  • Working remotely with no compromises
  • Access all your information, programs and tools across any device, in any location
  • Stay connected with employees, manage workflows and organise files without compromising on user experience or productivity
  • Our Digital Workspaces are highly secure, keeping critical information inside a datacentre and reducing the risk of information loss
  • Feel supported in a structured and organised office environment, regardless of location
  • Gartner highlight their “recipe for a digital workplace” here
Team ComX X-Digital Workplace

What Is The Com-X Point Of Difference?

  • Quick and responsive
  • We partner and integrate with your business
  • We use simple and easy to understand language – we are a jargon free zone
  • We take the time to know and understand what is important to your business
  • We are proactive – we don’t subscribe to a reactive based Band-Aid model
  • We support our clients from top management to the end users
  • We focus on the people, not just infrastructure
Team ComX X-Digital Workplace Difference

Talk to us about how we can enable your staff to be 100% productive by using our Digital Workplace with secure delivery of Virtual Applications, Desktops and Data regardless of their location or the device they are using.

What Will Improving User Experience Mean For Your Business?

  • Create agility to enable staff collaboration from anywhere and at anytime without compromising your data security
  • Make your business nimble and adaptive to change
  • Boost staff productivity by reducing system downtime, allow your staff to work freely from a digital workplace.
  • Having reliable secured systems enables your staff to work with confidence
  • Strengthening data security while promoting creativity
  • Allow your staff to work freely and your business to innovate. Create an edge over competitors
  • Make your business attractive the best talent and make them fully productive regardless of where they live
Team ComX X-Digital Workplace Benefits

To learn more about how to implement an X-Digital Workspace in your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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