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X-Data Secure

X-Data Secure | Data Security

With the unprecedented growth in unstructured data, emerging privacy regulations, and increased threat of cyberattacks, a heightened focus on making your data secure is no longer optional.

At Com-X we work with customers to successfully secure data without slowing users down, and enable companies to use a governance program that works throughout the content lifecycle, from the day it is created to the day it is deleted.

Technology Procurement | Com-X
  • Increase Control & Reduce Risk: We help you protect as well as manage the lifecycle and compliance of sensitive business data.
  • Prevent Accidental Data Loss: Our tools identify and correct over-privileged access and public exposure points.
  • Comply with Data Privacy Regulations: Discover data regulated under the Privacy Act, HIPAA, PCI compliance and more. Be ready to respond to breach notifications and subject access requests, and establish automatic retention periods.
  • Decrease your IT Costs: By helping to unify the management, usage, and security of your unstructured data around storage, replication/disaster recovery, remote/mobile access, sharing, and performance, our approach consistently provides a positive financial return.
  • Improve Collaboration & Productivity: Improve staff labour efficiency as well as missed opportunities with an effective means to easily access, edit, and share important business data.
Team ComX - Proactive IT Partners

What Is The Com-X Point Of Difference?

  • Quick and responsive
  • We partner and integrate with your business
  • We use simple and easy to understand language – we are a jargon free zone
  • We take the time to know and understand what is important to your business
  • We are proactive – we don’t subscribe to a reactive based Band-Aid model
  • We support our clients from top management to the end users
  • We focus on the people, not just infrastructure
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Talk to us about how we can help your stretched IT department to meet the growing demands placed upon them for rapid expansion, increased reliability, and ever-increasing threats to data security.  Our experience shows that the returns and peace of mind vastly exceeds the costs and effort.

What will improving your approach to Data Security and Management means For Your Business?

  • Your business can be ready to mitigate Ransomware and Other Attacks by detecting infected or compromised user accounts and files and taking action before it affects your business.
  • Give staff some time back by giving them the best file management and sharing tools to improve their workflow, efficiency and output
  • Save your IT Department some money by unifying management and storage of the company’s unstructured data.
  • You can protect your valuable business intellectual property by stopping Malicious Insiders by analysing user activity to spotlight anomalous behaviour and revoke access.
  • You can improve the efficiency of your company’s ever growing data storage, by taking an inventory and securing your sensitive data, setting and enforcing boundaries, and moving data from the wrong locations to the right ones.
  • Your business can be prepared to respond to breach notifications in a fast and professional manner, and to pass your audits by ensuring that unstructured data repositories are compliant with appropriate regulations, such as the Privacy Act, HIPAA and PCI-DSS.
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To learn more about how to implement an X-Digital Workspace in your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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