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Multi-Datacentre High Availability

User Access Continuity

Seamless Datacentre Failover

Automation and Recovery

User Access Continuity

With multi-datacentre high availability is important to your organisation, id one datacentre or cloud comes offline for any reason, people should be able to access their resources and apps via another datacentre without hiccups or delay.

Most large organisations already operate in a hybrid cloud model; they have more than one datacentre while also taking advantage of the cloud for scale and redundancy. If one datacentre or cloud comes offline for any reason—planned or unplanned—people should be able to access resources via another datacentre or cloud resource, either active or backup, until the affected datacentre or cloud comes back online.

It’s important to make sure that the associated infrastructure can support this response to empower on-going innovation —from rapid, automated failover to load balancing and network capacity.

Team ComX Access and Identity Management

Maintain Business Continuity with Multi-Cloud Failover

Com-X specialise in application delivery and security solutions for businesses, using tools and services provided by leading technology platforms like Citrix NetScaler and Microsoft.

Our Multi-Datacentre Failover solutions provide a seamless experience for people — because in the event of a datacentre failure, people keep accessing and using their resources the same way they always have, with the same secure experience in any scenario, there is no need for alternate procedures to be learned or remembered.

Team COM-X Point of Difference

Automation and Recovery

The automation and recovery in our global load balancing technologies keeps IT resources available in the event of disaster.

At Com-X, our solutions help IT ensure that datacentre resources remain available. Our global load balancing technologies provide disaster recovery and ensure continuous availability of applications by protecting against points of failure in a wide area network.

Client requests are directed automatically to the closest or best performing data centre, or to surviving data centres if there is an outage, meaning that staff and customers can keep using your apps and tools without interruption and ensuring your multi-datacentre high availability.

Team comX - Cloud and Content Management with Impeccable Data Security

In todays multi-cloud world, IT Managers are asking themselves these questions for business continuity and DR planning:
Can people still access their applications, data, and files, and collaborate effectively with others inside and outside the organisation?  Does everything still work the same way as usual, or do they need to adjust to an unfamiliar device, network access method, and set of tools?

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