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Endpoint Security

X-Endpoint Security | Endpoint Security

At Com-X, the Cyber Threats faced by our customers are advanced and dynamic, and now target many types of devices and not just servers, computers and mobile phones making Endpoint Security a requirement.

To meet these dynamic and evolving threats, we help our customers to integrate the use of real time, machine learning threat analysis and AI to solve this problem at the endpoint for their businesses.

  • We assess your cyber risk areas and create a strategy for securing your business systems and data
  • By using the most advanced tools, stay one step ahead of security threats.
  • Remain confident that your data and devices are secure from incoming attacks.
  • Preventing sensitive company data being leaked out of the business – whether deliberate or by accident.
  • Powered by vendors including Microsoft, Sophos, ProofPoint and ManageEngine.
Team ComX - X-Endpoint security Sydney

What Is The Com-X Point Of Difference?

  • Quick and responsive
  • We partner and integrate with your business
  • We use simple and easy to understand language – we are a jargon free zone
  • We take the time to know and understand what is important to your business
  • We are proactive – we don’t subscribe to a reactive based Band-Aid model
  • We support our clients from top management to the end users
  • We focus on the people, not just infrastructure
Networks of the future | Com-x

Talk to us about how we provide our customers with the most advanced malware and threat prevention technology available.

Endpoint Security Solution combats common threats such as malware, ransomware, fileless malware, malicious scripts, weaponized documents, and many other attack vectors, no matter where the endpoint resides.

What will Advanced Cyber Security mean For Your Business?

  • Know that your business critical data is protected by the best tools from many angles of attack
  • Prevent disclosure of key information about your business through phishing attacks
  • Have confidence that in your protection against new online threats on Day Zero.
  • Give staff some time back by effectively blocking spam and malicious email
  • Be confident about compliance with government guidelines for data management and security.
Hybrid and Multi Cloud | Com-X

To learn more about how to implement an X-Digital Workspace in your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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