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Data Security

Advanced Encryption Techniques

Streamline Into One Secure Workflow

Access & Identity Management | Cloud & Content Management

Every business owner knows how vital it is that their critical business data is secure and only accessible to those who need it. Our Cloud and Content Management consultants focus on your organisation’s protection – from access and identity of your workers to the security of your data and where it resides. 

Access and identity management is the process of assigning “roles” to individuals within an organisation, and determining which roles have access to what information contextually.

Rather than having a whole selection of folders that are visible to anyone and everyone, a good access and identity management system ensures that certain data is only available only the people who require access.

This process helps safeguard against information leaks, data breaches, and adds another layer of protection to your organisation’s data.

Team ComX Access and Identity Management

Access and Identity Management Solutions for Businesses

Com-X specialise in data security solutions for businesses. We understand that managing sensitive data can be time consuming, expensive, and potentially stressful.

When you work with Com-X, we work with you to come up with the best plan for your business, then take the stress of Access and Identity Management off your hands.

This allows you to focus on growing your business while remaining confident that your data is protected.

Team COM-X Point of Difference

Cloud and Content Management with Impeccable Data Security

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s likely that your IT infrastructure and data has grown exponentially.

Perhaps you’re faced with multiple clouds, databases, devices, and apps. Unfortunately, any unstructured data, such as emails, leaves you vulnerable to potential breaches in security.

The challenge? Data is flying across the stratosphere. Intellectual property and confidential business information is at risk and access control leaves you exposed to security breaches.

A strong focus on data security is paramount, particularly if you are governed by regulation and compliance requirements as an organisation.

Team comX - Cloud and Content Management with Impeccable Data Security

As an organisation that needs to be agile and flexible to meet consumer demand and keep ahead of the competition, how do you efficiently manage your content without compromising safety and security? How do you enable file access without leaking corporate information? How do you retain oversight and control in the face of rogue adoption of consumer cloud services?

Cloud-Based Content Management

Enjoy cloud-based content management with advanced encryption techniques.

Our approach delivers you not only the very best desktop and server security, but also exceptional data protection when information is in transit.

It’s an IT-friendly enterprise solution that never compromises security and privacy. Staff can access, share and sync files in an environment that delivers data privacy, access permissions and device control.

Digital Transformation | Com-X

Secure Workflow

Streamline operations by bringing multiple applications into one secure workflow.

Work faster and smarter, without compromising the integrity of your data, by seamlessly integrating all existing ERPs, CRMs, email services and social networks.

This means popular applications like Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Slack, Salesforce and DocuSign along with industry-specific tools such as Bluebeam, PlanGrid, and TetraScience, can remain critical to your business; but you’re protected with increased security. It’s a streamlined approach to content management and collaboration underpinned by end-to-end data protection.

Team ComX endpoint security solutions

Ensure only the right people have access to the content they need

Determine access levels and user permissions for staff and clients

Enjoy control and transparency

Customise account expiry, manage external users and ensure policies are implemented

Take collaboration and flexibility to a new level

Work anywhere, any time, and on any device

Secure data in transit

Retain organisational data security and confidentiality during file transfer

Secure stored data

Via SSL 256-bit AES file encryption

Prevent data loss

Relax with automated and continuous system backup

Protect data loss from mobile devices

Lost or stolen phone, laptop or tablet? Remotely wipe the content to prevent unauthorised accessfidentiality during file transfer

Enable access restrictions on mobile devices

Enforce passcode locks and set access restrictions

Work without internet connectivity

Uninterrupted file access and sharing means employees can work without an internet connection system backup.


To learn more about how to implement advanced Cloud and Content Management in your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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