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App Delivery and Security

Optimise App Delivery and Security

Secure your Apps

Cloud and Hybrid Apps

Optimise App Delivery

App Delivery and Security with fast and resilient applications are a must for companies to stay competitive and serve customer needs.  Load balancing is a critical part of modern application delivery to ensure highly available, scalable and high performing applications.

Poor response times for employee and customer facing applications degrades the user experience. The result of this is a loss in workforce productivity and in customer confidence that impacts your bottom line.  Com-X partner with NetScaler to reduce application latency and improve customer response times for Cloud and Customer hosted applications.

To meet unpredictable fluctuations in application demand, we use NetScaler application delivery controllers (ADCs) to scale as traffic increases so your application servers can handle larger volumes of traffic without sacrificing performance.

Team ComX Access and Identity Management

Secure Your Apps

Modern software applications comprise code from many sources, including proprietary code and open source libraries.  Failing to implement user authorisation at the beginning or failing to scan for vulnerabilities later — exposes your applications and APIs to attacks.

Securing applications with a strong platform like NetScaler not only protects your data and customer data, but it protects your brand from the associated damage from a security breach, and helps to ensure compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS whilst meeting your App Delivery and Security requirements.

NetScaler WAF employs automated learning and a hybrid security model that incorporates policies, profiles, and signatures to protect against known and unknown web application attacks.

Team COM-X Point of Difference

Cloud and Hybrid Apps

At Com-X we use NetScaler as our single platform for management, security and optimisation of on-premises, hybrid-cloud and cloud native applications. 

Our customers deploy applications across multiple locations and clouds, and with NetScaler we can help manage the app delivery and security from one place.

We provide flexible all-in-one tools for application delivery and security, with strong automation and autoscaling capability.  This enables unparalleled performance for delivering applications faster.  This allows for comprehensive security for all applications and API endpoints across all environments and provides rich analytics and real-time insights for further performance optimisation and faster troubleshooting.

Team comX - Cloud and Content Management with Impeccable Data Security

Optimising and Protecting internet-facing and internal applications against known and unknown vulnerabilities, including zero-day attacks is top of mind for today’s IT Managers:
How am I protecting against today’s OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, mitigating bots and protecting our application API’s?

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