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Disaster Recovery – High Availability


Com-X Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) gives your business the resilience to keep running; no matter what.  Remember:  Expect and Plan for the Unexpected

Multi-Datacentre High Availability

Our services protect business and web applications by providing High Availability and Disaster Recovery against datacentre or network failures.

App Delivery and Security

Ensure automated, error-free, and quick maintenance of business applications when faced with outages, performance degradation, and fluctuating demands

Disaster Recovery Solutions | High Availability Services

For any kind of business, having a plan when things go wrong is essential. A Disaster Recovery – High Availability plan and procedure is essential to ensure that your business can recover from unexpected disasters like floods, cyber-attacks, equipment failure and human error.

Proper planning for disasters is complex, but lowering the risk by enhancing delivery to provide multi-datacentre resilience and active-active services is sometimes beyond already stretched IT teams.

Com-X offers advanced Disaster Recovery and High availability services for our customers. By engaging Com-X as a trusted advisor with our experienced technical teams, this allows you, the business stakeholder, to spend less time worrying and more time running and growing your business.

Team ComX endpoint security solutions

What is Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning is the practice of anticipating, planning for, surviving, and recovering from a disaster that may affect a business.

Many industries now have regulations in place that mandate disaster recovery planning for most industries.  For most businesses, Cyber insurance premiums are often heavily weighted on the strength of a disaster recovery plan.

Multi-Datacentre High Availability refers to the intelligent distribution of traffic across server resources located in multiple datacentre’s or geographies, allowing for an active-active communication mode whereby failure of an entire datacentre does not prevent access to or take applications offline.

App Delivery and Security optimisations enable the fast and resilient applications that are a must for companies to stay competitive and serve customer needs.  Intelligent load balancing  and attack prevention are a critical part of modern application delivery to ensure highly available, scalable and high performing applications.

Team ComX endpoint security

Making Business Systems Resilient

With Com-X Disaster Recovery, High Availability, and Application Delivery Services, you get complete peace of mind with the knowledge that you are safeguarding critical data, employee productivity, and your business.

Recover from Disasters

The Com-X Disaster Recovery as a Service enables you to anticipate, plan for, and recover from a disaster that may affect your business systems and data.

Build System Resilience

We design and deploy systems for resilience and high availability, able to withstand datacentre failures or network degradation, ensuring continuous access using Global Load Balancing services.

Secure and Optimise App Delivery

App Delivery and Security services help ensure high availability, security, and visibility for web applications.  Speeding up datacentre load times and increasing IT visibility of web applications.

  1. Take inventory and define your business’s key assets: We will help prioritise your assets; whether business critical, important or noncritical. It will help focus on recovering the most vital assets first so that your business can begin functioning again as quickly as possible.
  2. Help you decide the best recovery window (RPO and RTO): What period of downtime can your business sustain? Is it within minutes, hours or days? This is done when defining your RTO and RPO:  RTO (Recovery Time Objective) refers to how much time an application can be down without causing significant damage to your business.  RPO (Recovery Point Objective) refers to the amount of data that can be lost before significant harm to your business occurs.
  3. Define your recovery solution: We will help determine the best way to replicate your data between multiple disaster recovery sites. Data replication is a key component of any disaster recovery strategy, as it makes sure an accurate and up-to-date copy of data always exists in case of cybersecurity breach, a system failure or any other disaster.
  4. Test the disaster recovery solution and thereafter manage and maintain it: Even backups can fail in a disaster, so its paramount to test your replicated data and ensure it can be restored back to your business’s site. We repeat this step periodically to ensure the setup is working.

How Disaster Recovery as a Service benefits your business

Being prepared for any disaster is necessary for your business, but what are the costs, and why outsource? Building a disaster recovery site, training your IT team, and purchasing the necessary equipment can take a heavy toll on your budget, not to mention the expenses that go along with disaster recovery planning, implementation and testing. Aside from upfront costs, the businesses reasons to outsource disaster recovery include::

  • Minimise any interruption
    In the event of any disaster, even if it is completely unexpected, your business should be able to continue operating with minimal interruption. Business continuity helps your company maintain resiliency, and respond quickly to an interruption; saving money, time and company reputation.
  • Bolster regulatory compliance
    Many industries now have regulations in place that mandate disaster recovery planning for most organisations. A disaster recovery plan (DRP) in a documented, structured approach that describes how an organisation can quickly resume work after an unplanned incident.
  • Fill the IT skillset gap
    Outsourcing to a trusted IT advisor for disaster recovery planning and solution build fills gaps due to IT skills shortages and controls costs.
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To learn more about how to implement effective Disaster Recovery and High Availability in your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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