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Endpoint Security


At Com-X, the Cyber Threats faced by our customers are advanced and dynamic, and now target many types of devices and not just servers, computers and mobile phones.

Access & Identity Management

Access and identity management is the process of assigning “roles” to individuals within an organisation, and determining which roles have access to what information.


We focus on delivering IT security solutions, IT service management, and network operations monitoring.

Endpoint Security Solutions | Endpoint Protection Services

If you run a business of any kind, it’s important to have good Endpoint Security solutions and systems in place so that your data is protected from viruses, spam and other security threats.

With viruses becoming more and more advanced, it can be difficult to know what approach to take when it comes to protecting your company data.

Com-X offers advanced Endpoint Security Solutions to businesses. This allows you, the business owner, to spend less time worrying and more time running and growing your company.

Team ComX endpoint security solutions

What is Endpoint Security?

Put simply, Endpoint Security is an advanced Antivirus software that protects your computers, tablets, mobile phones and other wireless devices from attacks.

Gone are the days where we’d store our data solely on hardware such as hard drives and USB sticks. In today’s world, we’re using virtual networks such as the Cloud to host files and other data. While this has enormous benefits, it also makes our data more vulnerable to incoming spam and viruses. The connection of laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other wireless devices to corporate networks creates paths that are a prime target for security threats.

Thankfully, advanced systems such as Endpoint Security are designed to not only protect you from these threats, but to always be one step ahead of them.

Team ComX endpoint security

Unrivalled Endpoint Security

Our Endpoint Security System is highly advanced and goes beyond what a traditional Antivirus Software can offer.

Supreme Virus Prevention

Instead of waiting for a virus to take over before combating it, our Endpoint Security System focuses on prevention. It does this by remembering your routines and noticing if something happens outside the norm. If it does, it’ll block the action and investigate.

Excellent Inbox Protection

Our system has powerful quarantine capabilities, preventing email and social media threats from entering your inbox. It also completes a deep analysis of spam emails, offering far better protection than built in spam systems.

It doesn’t let anything in, or out

As well as blocking harmful material coming in, our Endpoint Security System also prevents sensitive company data being leaked out of the business – whether deliberate or by accident.

  • AI threat prevention provided by BlackBerry Cylance
  • Cylance provides anti-virus/anti-malware capabilities that scan for file and behavior anomalies. It does not rely on signatures of known threats being up to date before detecting a threat.
  • Cylance can operate without internet access – ie, it does not need to download signature updates in order to be detecting latest malware threats.
  • Mail and Social Media filtering and threat detection is provided by Proofpoint.
  • Proofpoint stops email fraud and threats before they hit the customers inbox
  • Provides Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that prevents accidental or deliberate data leakage by employees
  • Proofpoint enables simulation of spoofed emails to educate staff and provide management reports on staff behavior to suspicious email
  • Manage Engine Desktop Central provides management of applications and data on endpoint devices. For example, patching, security policy enforcement, application installations onto remote machines, audit of installed software, compliance checks and automatic repair of non-compliant devices

How Endpoint Security benefits your business

Com-X’s Endpoint Security Solutions offer a wide range of benefits beyond just data protection. With a secured and properly managed Endpoint device:

  • The cost of supporting staff with their IT equipment is reduced
  • User productivity is maintained by reducing downtime
  • You can remain relaxed and confident that your data is protected
  • You can step back and focus on running and developing your business
Team ComX Endpoint Security


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To learn more about how to implement advanced Endpoint Security in your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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