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DR as a Service

X-DRaaS | Disaster Recovery as a Service

Expect the unexpected. Com-X Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) gives your business the resilience to keep running; no matter what.

Disasters and cyberattacks are no longer a matter of “if”, but rather “when” they will occur. Is your business ready for the inevitable?  For many, the answer is at best “maybe”.   Our DR as a Service offering helps you to plan, implement and secure your business with the most effective, next-generation technologies and expertise.

  • Minimise business impact and achieve the fastest recovery from a disaster or cyber-attack.
  • Our service team and solution prevent reinfection by failing over to a malware-free recovery point.
  • Our clients are free to decide where to recover their systems – to the same or different hardware, to a physical or cloud environment.
  • Our threat intelligence feed provides a dynamic view of the real-time threat alerts most relevant to your environment allows us to mitigate any impact to you proactively.
  • Even backups can fail in a disaster, so its crucial to test your disaster recovery plans.  We test the DR solution and thereafter manage and maintain it.
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What Is The Com-X Point Of Difference?

  • Minimise any interruption
  • Our DRaaS bolsters regulatory compliance
  • We help you decide the best recovery window (RPO and RTO)
  • We help determine the best way to replicate your data between multiple disaster recovery sites
  • We help our customers to prioritise their assets; whether business critical, important or noncritical. It will help focus on recovering the most vital assets first so that your business can begin functioning again as quickly as possible
  • As a trusted advisor for disaster recovery planning, the Com-X DRaaS solution fills the gaps due to IT skills shortages and controls costs
  • A team of experts and a service you can trust
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Talk to us about how we provide our customers with an advanced Disaster Recovery as a Service solution, backed by cutting edge technology and proven procedures.

With Disaster Recovery as a Service, you get complete peace of mind with the knowledge that you are safeguarding critical data, employee productivity, and your business.

What Disasters can X-DRaaS protect your business against?

The Com-X Disaster Recovery as a Service enables you to anticipate, plan for, and recover from a disaster that may affect your business systems and data. These disasters can include:

  • Cyber-attacks by hackers or malicious insiders
  • Natural events like floods, cyclones or bushfires
  • Failure of equipment or infrastructure, such as a power outage or hard disk failure
  • Human error such as accidental erasure of data or loss of equipment
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To learn more about how to implement DRaaS for your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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