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CIO Magazine Article with Com-X – DaaS

We are delighted to have been featured in the CIO article Is DaaS just another tool in the shed for you? Then you’re missing out on these 6 benefits. Where Com-X are Australian leaders in Digital Workspaces and our Cyber Security practices, underpinned by our Managed Service offerings, we bring a high level of experience and real world examples to our clients in their decision making in business optimisation and their user productivity.

Being specialists means we could fall into the trap of other providers of reeling off numerous features and benefits on the solutions we offer. We focus our consulting approach to highlight the people and business outcome quantitative and qualitative benefits that we’ve found in maximising the VDI and DaaS environments for our clients; is more valuable in our discussions with our C-Level Executives relationships.

Please do read the CIO magazine article and if you’re ready to explore taking your DaaS to the next level, contact Com-X today for a free consultation.

We don’t have a pushy sales team, we want to help you assess your current DaaS situation, identify your gaps and opportunities, and design and deliver a DaaS solution that suits your needs and budget. We’ll even help you stay sharp on the legal landscape, ensuring your organisation sails smoothly over compliance clouds.

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Citrix Platinum Partner | Com-X

Posted by Nick Cross – Com-X Director – Sales and Marketing – 15th March 2024

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